Off Topic: Mr. Pitiful Official Music Video

Taking things off topic for a moment, GetUSB’s blogging buddy, Zedomax, has a friend of a friend who just released their first official music video. I’m working hard to convince them of using USB music albums rather than vinyl or CD. Below is the official video. The song is called Mr. Pitiful. I must say…it’s good and the guy has a great voice. If this single doesn’t help him break into the music industry, than he sure as hell should try American Idol next season. Take a listen: As for my buddy at Zedomax (Max) he’s also the founder/developer for the viral and ever popular website SiteHoppin. If you like Stumble or Digg or any other social network than SiteHoppin is the next big thing and an absolute must. If you can’t view the video go to the YouTube channel.

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