Not iPod all the time

It’s hard not to think of iPod as the defacto MP3 player and there are many alternatives, especially if you are tired of buying songs from iTunes knowing that purchase will be locked into iPod products forever…maybe it’s time to look at something like the Archos 104 – which gives more versatility to your music ownership and comes from one of the original MP3 player companies. This USB powered gadget allows you to store and watch up to 40,000 JPEG2 photos, directly transferred on your ARCHOS 104 from your computer with the USB 2.0 high-speed interface. Enjoy your photos on the 1.5″ OLED color screen. Easily organize your files with intuitive browse. Play MP3, WMA, WAV and protected WMA music files and watch the CD jacket cover while listening. Transfer on your ARCHOS 104 up to 2,000 songs from your CD collection. Download from web sites compatible with PlaysForSure audio – download and subscription. File management is intuitive with the ARCHOS ARClibrary. Create, rename, copy and move your files, create your playlists directly from your ARCHOS 104. Charge your ARCHOS 104 via USB 2.0. Autosync with Windows Media Player 10, transfer easily your songs and your playlists from your PC. Download and listen to your music files (PlaysForSure audio) on your ARCHOS 104 with the USB 2.0 high-speed interface.

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