NEW Sony LipStick MP3 Player NW-E010 has USB Direct Connect Connectivity

This new Sony NW-E010 MP3 player is compact in size and saves space with a direct connect USB port so fumbling around for that long-lost-cable wont become a problem.
sony mp3 player
The NW-E010 uses the flagship Sony Walkman technology to house two audio technologies – Clear Bass and Clear Stereo – to deliver a crystal clear audio sound.
sony NW E010
The Sony MP3 player comes with SonicStage music management software which integrates the Sony CONNECT Music Store with the device for easy download of new music. Although the Sony CONNECT Music store is a far cry from the iTunes option, for those die-hard Sony fans, this is one player worth consideration. The NW-E010 has an LCD display to read album, track and artist information. Pre-programmed EQ settings along with FM stereo and more.
nw-e010 mp3 player
Source: Aving USA via Sony UK

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