Multi Functional Dock Station For Just About Everything

It would be nice to have a dock station to house all your hard drive and memory gadgets…say, one interface to connect them all. Oh wait, that’s what the Brando Multi-Functional Dock Station does…USB + eSATA + 2 port hub + 4 slot card reader. All this dockability in a slick looking design:

multi functional dock station

The multi functional dock station may be connected to host computer by either a USB cable or eSATA cable, both of which provide the highest possible data transfer rate. The card reader includes support for the SDHC and mini SDHC formats along with the long list of standard flash card formats. Probably the most noteable feature of the multi functional dock station is the hard drive dock being able to connect either a 2.5″ or a 3.5″ hard drive. Just to be clear, the hhd and flash memory in the picture, isn’t included in the $79 price tag! Package Contents:
  1. SATA HDD Multi-Function Dock (USB + ESATA)
  2. Universal AC Adapter
  3. Power Cable
  4. USB Cable
  5. ESATA Cable
Brando multi functional dock station product page. Update:  I was just notified USB Fever has the same product for a few dollars less.  Here is their USB multi functional dock station product page.

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