MP3 Player Sansa Shaker is Kid Friendly

SanDisk recently took the most kid familiar shape, a sippy-cup, and turned that into an MP3 player. The Sansa Shaker is a 512MB MP3 player with SD expansion slot to introduce your child into the world of music.
sansa shaker mp3 player
What’s fun about this product is the twist navigation features at top and bottom. A lot like LeapFrog products one might already be familiar with (if you have kids). In addition SanDisk built in a shake feature to aid in the little guy finding the beat (probably bead sound like maracas but no specifics given).We reported on the FP3 Player from Fisher Price a while back, but this Sansa Shaker seems like a better design. For that last detail, the Sansa Shaker also has an external speaker which is good for replacing the headphones or if you decide to drop it in the crib during bed time. Load the internal memory via, USB of course. Source: Gizmodo

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