Mimobot Is Back – Nine New Models

So what exactly are we looking at? Mimobot USB characters have always been a little off in their design, but I guess that’s why their following is so strong. Or is it? Nine new models came out last week and they are strange – must be based off the characters in the animated movie, Chicken Little. So lets do a quick run-down. Row One: PSY mimobot Ptry mimobot PupStar mimobot RayD8 mimobot How do they come up with these names?
Row Two: Galacula mimobot (Okay that makes sense) Gigglebyte mimobot Fairybit mimobot Owsley Owlbert mimobot The straggler Swirl mimobot.
mimobot swirl
Each Mimobot is available from 512MB to 4GB size and range in price from $40 to $110. As with most Mimobots these fun little USB characters are manufactured in only 2,000 quantity so if one strikes-your-fancy; get it!

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