Military Grade USB Password Protection from Mandylion

How many would raise their hand if asked, “Do you use only two or three on-line passwords?“  I bet the number would be huge.  Unfortunately, having just a small handful of passwords isn’t the best way for on-line business and buying.  Today I bring you the Mandylion Password Manager which is a military grade device which can create, store and access 50 different log-in sequences.

mandylion usb password manager

The password manager comes with a Policy Master Configuration Software (Windows only) which connects via USB where by you can set and configure sequence options and group policy requirements. The Mandylion Password Manager displays 14 characters and works with any setting such as length, alpha-numeric and special characters.  You can also set the password manager to regenerate passwords at preset time intervals (90 days, 1 year etc).   So with this device you can easily upgrade your weak password habits to that of uber-security-geek. The device uses a 5 button keypad for navigation and data entry and a unique key pattern is the only way to unlock the device and get to your coveted 50 passwords. This little unit has been designed to meet U.S. Military standards for secure creation of passwords (use authorized under Army Regulation 25-2 IA.) This device helps create a strong security policy for your work environment – so naturally you can brag to the boss about how security conscience you are.
The Mandylion Password Manager is available from ThinkGeek for only $49.

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