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What is more economical:  Buying a 2GB flash drive or downloading a $0.99 cent application to get 2GBs of free storage on your iPhone?  Don’t answer.  We know. MiDisk is one of those great iPhone applications.  The app gives you the ability to create Directories on your iPhone for storing files, documents etc.  It’s great because you don’t need the iPhone sync app – you can use the iPhone as a mass storage device. So how do you make the iPhone a mass storage device of 2GBs? Turn on the application (while in Wi-Fi), point a web browser to the link that it gives you, and there you go. You have full access to all information stored within this application. The information held inside the application is protected by a PIN number. To turn on access to the files within the application, your PIN number must be entered. You can also view your documents with the built in documents viewer. You can view image, text, PDF, and many more types of files. Wi-Fi is required to use this application. In situations where a Wi-Fi network is not available, if the computer supports Ad-Hoc, you are set. Store your information in multiple directories to keep organized. Easily remove and add new files as you need. Here is the step-by-step:

iphone as mass storage device

To use MiDisk, you must be inside a wi-fi network. The network that you are in must be the same one that your computer is located in. If you are just connecting to the wi-fi network, give it a second before starting the application. When you open up the application, you need to enter a PIN number. This will prevent others that use your phone from seeing or accessing your files. In a future update, this will be made option, but now it is required. On your computer, go to the address listed on the bottom bar. It should have an ip address listed. It should look something like this: https://192.168.324.2.8080 When you open up that address in your computer, you should have full access to the file system. You can create new directories on your phone and navigate through them on your computer and upload files. Certain files can even be viewed within the application. PDF, images, text files (excluding RTF), Microsoft Word files, and more are currently supported. Video and sound files are going to be added soon as well. To delete files that are saved in MiDisk, simply perform a swipe gesture (same as the mail app) or go into the menu and click edit. The swipe gesture is the most simple way to perform a delete. Do not fear accidently deleting by swiping, it prompts you before the removal of the file. To get “MiDisk” just search for it in iTunes or on your app button on the iPhone. Source:  Kilmer Software.

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