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Is Christmas really just around the corner? I went to Costco over the weekend and nativity scenes where available, house decorations and a blow-up Santa Claus for the front yard, today I found a handful of USB Christmas decorations for the office already available on-line. Here is a break down of the holiday usb powered gadgets you could probably live without: USB music snowman USB Music Snowman – With built in LEDs you get a collection of colors on a not so real looking Christmas tree and 16 joyful festive season melodies which will surely give you a headache after 5 minutes of play. Click the image to visit the site for sample music. USB mucis christmas tree USB Music Christmas Tree – Topped with a shining golden star and colorful LEDs for continued enjoyment of five glorious colors you can sit-back, relax and listen to any one of twelve Christmas songs which sound like they just came off your original GameBoy. USB christmas tree USB Christmas Tree – A silver star tops this one with LEDs to change the tree colors from red, to blue, to green to purple. USB music christmas tree USB Music Christmas Tree – Now we’re getting to the more realistic Christmas trees with this one. Can be powered via USB or two AA batteries and comes loaded with a handful of Christmas tunes. The glowing lights which fade in and out are a nice feature and this is the first which would make a decent office gift. USB christmas tree USB Christmas Tree – With slow moving Christmas lights, green leaves and white snow upon the branches you’ll think “Honey I shrunk the Christmas Tree” while sitting, mesmerized at your desk. Power is supplied via USB or two AA batteries. USB santa clause USB Music Santa Clause – ‘Jingle bells, Jingle bells. Jingle all the way……’ Bring happiness at Christmas with this USB Music Santa Claus. He sings and dances to celebrate during Christmas time! Just plug it into a free USB port and enjoy the joyful festive season. Despite the cheezy look there might be some great gifts and stocking stuffers for those naughty or nice and for about $12USD not a bad choice for a little USB fun.

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