LaCie is Pushing Currency via Custom USB Drive

LaCie introduced their CurrenKey earlier this week which is a silver or copper USB key in the shape of brushed metal coinage.  The design is definitely eye catching, but not all that practical.


Dealing with USB sticks day in an day out, having an odd shaped USB stick is the last thing anyone will want…or at least ultimately realize.  With the CurrenKey the round shape eliminates the use of other USB ports on the left or right.  Also, with many laptops these days the USB port is vertical, not horizontal, making the round shape impossible to connect unless you lift up your laptop or stack something underneath it. LaCie did a great job in design work with the metal die-cast construction, but lacks in overall design of usable shape.

lacie currenkey

The CurrenKey is available in 4 and 8GB capacity with pricing of $20 and $30 respectively.Source:  LaCie.

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