Konect USB Watch Is Best Looking We’ve Seen

Tokyoflash put together this odd USB watch which looks and acts very much like it’s from the future. In addition, it will challenge your cognitive abilities when someone asks you what time it is [see image 3]. The Konect is not only a watch using an unorthodox approach, it also doubles as a flash drive. The USB flash drive, slips out from the right and the blue radial area is the watch itself. From the description of what is what, the Konect also has voice record ability and a lavish setting of alarms. Ability to stream audio live or communicate via Skype when loaded to the USB flash. From the source post at SlashGear, they claim it looks like a StarTrek prop for the TV show, and one commenter takes note:
Looks more Blakes’s 7 to me. I have no idea how to read the time from it, but I suspect if you press the big blue button and say “ready for teleport, Cally” you’d be aboard the Liberator before you could say Terran Federation.
Well done, Jeeves. Don’t get too excited just yet, the Konect is a concept design at this point.


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