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Fusion TelecommunicationsAccording to an analysys report from Monday, VoIP cell phone service will surpase land line VoIP service in the coming years…and we’re not talking chump change either. Forecasts (more like stab-in-the-dark predictions) say cellular VoIP services will breach the $18 billion mark by 2012. Although mobile phone VoIP is extremely rare these days with a little foundation work that will change in the coming years to allow this business sector to blast off. First upgrading to the EV-DO (EVolution-Data Only) service will need to happen. The current generation of data transmission over a cellular network is CDMA. EV-DO is a 3G LTE service, or TDMA technology. It’s expected for Verizon and Sprint to make the switch first, then Sprint and others to follow. Since the current data transmission technology cannot handle the capacity needed for wireless VoIP, consumers will not see a quick migration to this technology, rather a slow move as networks are being upgraded. Here are a couple wireless VoIP services currently available if you’re one who needs to be ahead of the curve: Fusion Telecommunications iSkoot

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