iRing – Novel Concept Where Can I Get One?

I’m not going to bury the punch line – it’s just a concept…and what a shame. I think the iRing would be a hot hot seller. The iRing is a powerful symbol on how Apple enthusiasts have become married to their gadgets. The iRing is a stylish Bluetooth ring that allows complete control over your iPod, iPhone or other Apple media device (AppleTV).
The iRing features an OLED display with a touch sensitive strip that with a simple glide of the finger you control the volume, crimp your finger to unlock or lock the Apple device or tap the Apple icon to toggle play and pause or finally tap the left or right of the Apple icon to skip tracks.
Using the included cradle power up the iRing with the USB power docking station. The designer Victor Soto is definitely in touch with the needs of the iPod / iPhone enthusiast and I would fully expect this to hit the market in the next 6-9 months (although pure speculation). If not, what a damn shame. Source: TFTS

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