Locked, cocked and ready to rock – iPod Lock

Targus announced three new security locks for iPod aptly named the Mobile Security Lock, Desktop Security Lock and Eyelet Security Lock. These are the only theft protection solution currently available that can be used while on-the-go, at the Desktop or personal with the eyelet lock. Featuring a keyless, user-settable three-digit combination for added convenience and protection, the new Targus security locks are designed for use with iPods configured with a dock connector, including the 5G, nano, iPod Photo, 4G, iPod mini and 3G. Considering an iPod is at least $200 investment then load it up with $0.99 downloads it’s possible to have a $10,000 iPod. It’s about time, thanks Targus! Prices range from $19 to $39USD. Mobile Security Lock for iPod (Model #ASP07US) Desktop Security Lock for iPod (Model #ASP06US) Eyelet Security Lock for iPod (Model #ASP11US)

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