iPhone 4 Battery Bumper

It’s a bit amazing we haven’t seen more iterations of the iPhone bumpers with power packs built in.  I guess the primary reason would be the bulkiness added, but once company doesn’t care and that’s Energizer. Energizer introduced their AP1201 battery pack earlier this month for the iPhone 4.  It’s a iPhone 4 specific bumper which includes a built in batter pack.  The battery inside the silicon bumper is made of their patented lithium polymer battery technology.  The power pack adds another 200 extra hours of standby time, 27 extra hours of music time, 7 extra hours of video time, or 5 extra hours of talk time on 3G networks.

iPhone Energizer bumper

It’s hard to tell from the picture how much bigger it makes your device, but the video after the jump gives you a real world comparison.  I want to say WOW – it’s big – but you can’t expect something paper thin when you’ve got built in lithium batteries.The bumper has some advanced features too.  The AP1201 has the ability to check the power status of your iPhone then charge it up once a low level is detected.  In addition, the product has some LEDs to provide feedback about the status of the pack and the phone. So check this out…when you insert the iPhone into the AP1201 to engage juice up. Hold down the LED battery status button on the bottom for 2-3 seconds to initiate a“quick charge” mode. A red LED light will remain illuminated on the back when activated and turn off when completed.  So I guess you could turbo charge your iPhone for those critical conf calls. All this loveliness for $80.  Check out more details at the Energizer site.

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