How To: Make Great Looking iPhone Wallpaper

So here is my tutorial on making a great looking iPhone wallpaper design. The concept is fairly easy, here is the high level over view:  We will set the proper size, create the pattern image, upload the image to a web space, download the image and set it as the wallpaper.  Sounds easy, right? Well it is. First, the correct size for the iPhone screen is 320×480 pixels.  So get into your favorite photo editing program and get a blank file with the size of 320×480 pixels for you iPhone wallpaper. Second, you’ll need to create an image.  Of course you can take a picture and set it that way, but I’m thinking more like a subtle pattern that isn’t obtrusive and is more complimentary to yourself while using the iPhone rather then having an ego trip by setting my kids best picture as my wallpaper. For me, Photochop is my weapon of choice and I created this nice little pattern image which we’ll use for the wallpaper.

iphone wallpapper

Note:  With the new iPhone 4.0+ firmware you have the ability to set the lock/unlock wallpaper and set a different picture as your background image for Home when using your iPhone.  I think the above pattern image is a very nice background image for the Home position. Third, after you’ve created your pattern image, you will save it as a jpeg or png photo file and upload it to a web space. You can also email the photo to yourself, but if you are like me, and use Outlook, then you’ll just get a .dat file and will not able to view the image.  So you’ll need to use a yahoo or gmail account [anything but outlook or outlook express] to email the photo yourself. You want to upload the image because it’s the easiest way to transfer the image from your computer to your phone. I guess you could also sync the iPhone with your computer, but again, if you are like me, I hate sync’ing my phone because it takes forever and it seems Apple is always making you update iTunes or the iPhone. Fourth, so once you have the file uploaded to a web space [flickr, photobucket etc] then simply navigate to that location on the web and click and hold and save the image to your iPhone. Fifth, now go into your photo gallery on your iPhone and select the picture.  Use the settings icon to save the image as your wallpaper. Done! PS – If I where you…just navigate to my image above and save it and use it.  I bet you’ll think it’s ultra cool anyway.  The URL is

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