Grab-n-Go FlashMic from HHB

Now this makes sense, if you’re a reporter and need to grab-n-go the HHB FlashMic is definitely the right choice for gear. With 1GB of flash memory the microphone can record over 18 hours of audio – perfect for the next Michael Jackson court hearing.
hhb flashmic
This time, however, the HHB FlashMic is a Cardioid version rather then omni-directional. What does that mean? The mic is a better gear for use in a uni-directional application, like places with high-ambient noise such as the CES trade show floor, press pits or conflict zones. Ian Jones, HHB managing director says, “when news breaks, the FlashMic provides a convenient, all-in-one, portable recording solution with no fiddly cables or connectors and it’s every bit as easy to transfer audio files to a laptop for onward transmission.” The HHB FlashMic DRM85-C connects to your laptop or PC via mini USB port. Source: Harmony Central

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