Floor Mat Becomes Security Feature via USB ProxMat

Imagine stepping away from your computer was all that’s needed to lock your computer?  It’s a great idea, too bad ProxMat thought of it first.  Their USB Mat is a pressure sensitive floor mat which locks your computer when you step off/away. The ProxMat activates the Windows Key + L shortcut to lock down your computer.

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“The ProxMat sensor now locks the unattended computer automatically! The ProxMat incorporates sophisticated pressure sensing technology to detect the presence of the user. When the user leaves the mat, the ProxMat sends the keystrokes to lock the system.”
The USB mat connects via USB and requires no drivers upon installation.  ComputerProx, the company which makes the ProxMat has a list of available sizes: Part Numbers     \       Size RDR-PM1924-00    19″x24″ RDR-PM2424-00    24″x24″ RDR-PM2436-00    24″x36″ RDR-PM3332-00    33.5″x32″ An added [green] feature is ProxMat’s ability to configure the trigger system to activate the Power Save mode or Standby mode. Source / Image:  EverythingUSB.

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