Fire Off a Round with USB Gun Mouse

It’s rare a USB information website has the opportunity to write about guns, not that it’s a fascination or hobby to obsess over – none the less – Loopy Gadgets found this USB gun and I thought to pass it along. The USB gun is a replica of a P230 semi-automatic handgun…
Small dimensions, it is often carried as a backup weapon, holding 8 rounds of .32 pistol cartridge or 7 rounds of .380 pistol cartridge (bullet). Wiki
…and the company marketing the product claims it’s the ultimate gadget for having fun around the office. Um, I don’t think using a replica semi-automatic USB mouse gun would necessarily make office life fun. Unless of course you work at Homeland Security.
usb gun
The USB mouse gun uses the trigger as your left click and a button just below the trigger as your right. The technology is old as it’s trackball, not optical yet the form factor appears to be identical to a real P230. If you are still interested bounce over to Loopy which has product link details.Source: Loopy Gadgets

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