Dress Up Your HHD Dock Station

The Data Tray from Brando is their most recent gadget to dress up a HHD dock station and give more functionality than just a dock. The data tray includes additional slots to house a 4 port USB hub and 15 type card reader. The HHD sled will accomidate any 2.5″ hard drive along with all the power connections needed for integration. What I like most about this dock station is the sleek look Brando has put together for the enclosure. Makes the portable USB hub or card reader almost something you want to tote around.

data dock station

The advantage with this system is easily swapping out one of two 2.5 hard drives to hot swap in a USB hub or card reader for quick connection for data transfer. Given all the flexibility this system has to offer you could pick up two – one for work, one for home – at just $69 each.

usb dock station

Brando Data Tray Dock Station product page.

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