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Reading an article from Crave, I realized the very obvious… I should have written about this topic months ago…maybe years ago. Turning a typical USB hub into a power center for all those electronic gadgets. The key is getting a USB hub that has a dedicated AC Power adapter which plugs directly into the wall. This way a stable supply of 5v will be streaming to all ports. You can grab a 4 port, 6 port or 7 port hub for only a few dollars.
The power hub via USB is a perfect illustration of the potential of such a setup: pretty much anything that accepts USB charging (iPods, Blackberries, cellphones, headsets, Xbox 360 controllers, and the like) should be compatible.
You should be able to power up non USB charging devices as long as they are rated to be the 5v standard. Crave reported powering up a Nintendo DS Lite which is rated at 5.2v and an old Sony PSP with the same rating.
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If you are looking to duplicate the power hub via USB setup than a couple items you’ll need to consider. First, the retractable USB cables don’t work – You’ll need a standard USB cable. Also, some devices may need a proprietary USB cable which could cost you – sometimes more than the USB hub – but who can put a price on simplicity? Further, some devices take longer to charge via USB so consider your setup to be an over night game plan. Last, some gadgets might indicate using a different power source could void the warranty so dig into those user manuals and double check. At the end of the day, this USB hub power station is a good bet for reducing the number of AC adapters and power stripes along with minimizing your gear while on the road. Photo

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