Custom Flash Drive With Post-It Note Dispenser

This should really be a post about a DIY project.  This custom flash drive stores your data and gives you a post-it note dispenser to write down what’s on the drive. You can buy the official version for about $30 overseas [here] or you could spend a few hours this weekend and create your own.  What you need:  Flash drive, wood, post-it note pad.

post it note custom flash drive

Step one.  Shape some wood to about the size you’d like to make the USB stick and post-it note paper.  About 3/4inch wide and 3 inches long. Step two:  Cut out a part of the wood block to place the pad of post-it note paper. Step three:  With a Dremel or similar, carve out the slot where the USB flash memory would go.  Take your time and size up the cut-out properly. Step four:  Glue in your USB flash memory stick.  Wood glue is fine. Step five:  Cut your post-it note pad to the same size as your wooden USB stick base. Step six:  Put resized post-it note pad on your home brew USB stick. Done & Congratulations. Source:  MobileMag.

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