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Crazy – Wacky – Goofy – 19 of the Strangest Flash Drives Fresh-off-the-Boat has seen our share of bizarre flash drives – from Chewbacca to Stitch to Watches – but today we bring you 19 rediculous flash drives we found from over seas. Some of you wouldn’t be caught dead with these on your person, others just might want to buy a container full. Below is my list – not in any particular order – along with a link to the manufacturer in case one catches-ur-eye or tickles-ur-fancy. Enjoy.

USB Pill, might be hard to swallow.

usb pill

USB Soccer Ball / Football, fit for any world cup.

usb soccer ball football

USB Pick-Up Truck, the perfect redneck gift.

usb pickup

USB Happy Face, and so happy.

usb happy face

USB BMW key chain or Sunkist, the two together ain’t half bad.

usb bmw keychain

USB Red car, in case your redneck boyfriend doesn’t have a truck.

usb car

USB Decorative plate, there must be a reason why we haven’t seen this in the states.

usb plate

USB Bug or Beetle, whatever fits the bill.

usb bug beetle

USB Coca Cola Can, looks great, but isn’t refreshing.

usb coke can

USB Airplane, like they say, DHL delivers.

usb airplane

USB Beer Bottle, wonder if it’s loaded?

usb beer bottle

USB Penguin, I think we saw this at Sea World.

usb penguin

USB Nike Shoe, although it’s nothing compared to the USB dancing shoe!

usb nike shoe

USB Karabiner Clip, as with our USB Dog Tag, be sure to load up your personal information before heading out for a rock climb.

usb karabiner clip

USB Hello Kitty, far from the official version, but fun enough for a post.

usb hello kitty

USB Lego, the digital age, our building blocks of the future.

usb lego

USB Dolphin, or maybe this was the one from Sea World – can’t remember now.

usb dolphin

Crazy Cartoon Character, don’t ask – I don’t know.

usb cartoon character

USB Cow, do all happy cows come from California?

usb cow

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