Classic curve speaker system tunes up your iPod

BansheeWith curves like a classic Ford Mustang the Banshee surround sound iPod speaker system adds that touch of style that wont diminish the look of your sleek looking gadget from Apple. The Banshee is a one-and-only surround sound listening station fit into a single enclosure. With the Banshee secret sauce patented audio technology the 5 speaker set creates a 3-dimensional sound via an audio decoder built into a self-contained unit. Generating 50 watts of peak power one can expect rich, full and powerful bass along with ultra-clear midrange tones with holographic effect. Excellent add-on to your iPod or PSP unit. The shiny black finish on this 3″ x 6″ x 11″ iPod speaker system is included along with an MP3 cradle will only set you back about $130USD.Banshee

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