Buffalo with 8GB of UFD storage

4 + 4 is 8 and Buffalo used this equation to formulate their latest USB flash drive, the RUF2-R-S. Without confirmation suspects Buffalo stuffed two 4GB flash chips into their thumb drive to push the limit of UFDs as the leading memory developer and patent holder on Flash Drives, M-Systems, has not announced an 8GB capacity memory module. Measuring 19 x 91 x 14mm, and a feather-light 20 grams, this guy wont drag you down. Obviously, this unit is USB 2.0 compatible, and Buffalo is reporting a write speed of 32MB/sec, with read speeds not far behind at 27MB/sec. A product release date or price has not yet slithered out of the corporate office, but when it does – we’ll let you know.

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