Alert: Colorado Toddler Shocked by USB Cable

A child from Colorado is in critical condition after putting a USB cable into her mouth while the cable was still connected to a powered laptop. The child, Trinity, received sever 3rd degree burns to her tongue, mouth and lips. She is in critical condition because the tongue is swollen enough that it’s hard for her to breath or eat. See video after the jump. The parent reports she was playing behind a chair where the mother was using the laptop, when the child didn’t respond to the mother, the mother checked the child and realized she was limp and not responding. It’s a very sad case…or is it? I mean, yes it’s very sad the child was hurt, but I don’t believe it was from a USB cable. Those cables don’t put out enough power to burn or shock anyone. In addition, if the mother was right there at the chair, wouldn’t the child have made some sort of noise? Something isn’t right about this story. Consider this:
USB Voltage: – Supplied voltage by a host or a powered hub ports is between 4.75 V and 5.25 V. – Maximum voltage drop for bus-powered hubs is 0.35 V from it’s host or hub to the hubs output port. – All hubs and functions must be able to send configuration data at 4.4 V, but only low-power functions need to be working at this voltage. – Normal operational voltage for functions is minimum 4.75 V. Power usage: -Bus-powered hubs: Draw Max 100 mA at power up and 500 mA normally. -Self-powered hubs: Draw Max 100 mA, must supply 500 mA to each port. -Low power, bus-powered functions: Draw Max 100 mA. -High power, bus-powered functions: Self-powered hubs: Draw Max 100 mA, must supply 500 mA to each port. -Self-powered functions: Draw Max 100 mA.
I believe something more happened and the parent is trying to cover something up. A better explanation is the laptop was plugged into the wall and the child pulled the power cord out of the laptop and put it into her mouth, meanwhile the mother was far away doing something else [say cooking dinner]. What do you think? Comment on our FaceBook page. Source:

Rich Gates

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