5 Ways To Improve iPhone Which No One Has Mentioned – Yet

I’ve read several articles about how to improve the iPhone, most notable are CNET’s comments and iSmashPhone comments.  Both articles have good ideas about improving the iPhone software, but there are five user improvements which I would like to humbly suggest. To me, these are fundamental improvements for an everyday user.  What do you think? 1)  How many times have you read an email chain with an attachment?  With the small screen of the iPhone even the shortest email requires you to scroll.  With a long email you must scroll forever to get to the attachment.  Why can’t Apple make a “paper clip” icon at the top to jump directly to it?

improve iphone

2)  I’m the type of iPhone user that likes to keep everything clean and up-to-date.  So why is it that I can listen to a Voice Mail from a recent caller, but I still need to click the “Recent” icon to remove the notification.  It should be removed automatically when the VM is heard.

improve the iphone

3)  I don’t know about you, but when looking at email, I just check the Inbox.  Why then must Apple force me to click past the Folder page?  Please, for the love of God, let me configure this in Settings!!

iphone improvements

4)  Since I am on the subject of email.  Can’t there be a way to bulk mark emails as “Read?”  Why must I either delete them or click each one to get the “New” status taken away! 5)  Bulk delete of Photos.  Apple, it’s simple, just do the same thing we can do with applications…hold your finger down on the photo until it shakes, then select what you want and click Delete.  For me personally, this is a big one because when my 4 year old gets a hold of the phone, he takes 30 pictures in about 1 minute! [as you can tell]

improve iphone screenshot

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is unbelievably awesome and clearly the best phone of the market.  Just some simple observations from an everyday user. Cheers, Gmo [Editor]

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