Yahoo Messenger & Linksys Offer Nice VoIP Set-Up

Yahoo Messenger Linksys CIT 310Cut the tether from cords and disconnect from your PC with the Linksys CIT 310 Dual-Mode phone for Yahoo Messenger. With this convenient and ergonomic handset, you can make free voice-over-internet-phone (VOIP) calls to all your friends who have Yahoo Messenger accounts, or very inexpensive calls to cell and land-line phones anywhere in the world from the comfort of any room in your house. The Good:
  • Convenient internet telephoning for fans of Yahoo Messenger with Voice
  • Dual-Mode allows it to function as regular cordless phone
  • Great solution to international calling, supporting connections to all cell and land lines
The Bad:
  • Works only with Yahoo Messenger, a less common VOIP standard
  • Voice quality dependent on the quality of your Internet connection
  • Base station must be connected to your computer for VOIP operation
System runs for about $100 USD.Linksys CIT 310

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