Wireless USB Missile Launcher

On the heels of USB missile launcher with webcam we have the Wireless USB Missile Launcher from Dream Cheeky. I’m not sure how much value the wireless missile launcher brings to the table, other than distancing yourself another 15 feet from the firing source, the webcam version with MSN software controls seems a little better.

wireless usb missile launcher

None-the-less, if your boss doesn’t allow Instant Message software on your PC then roll in the Wireless USB Missile Launcher. At 15 feet distance, it would be easy enough to hide it behind a plant and fire “at will” from an office down the hall. Albeit a direct hit on the forehead of your boss would be funny enough, I don’t think you’ll catch him off guard. As I mentioned in the USB Circus Cannon review – these things are noisy! However, the wireless USB missile launcher would be an excellent USB gadget gift for a brother and sister to stir up some domestic USB violence. Wireless USB Missile Launcher product page. Loaded for $45.
There are a handful of USB Missile Launchers at Amazon – starting at just $25ish bucks.  As I write this – the wireless version reported here isn’t available, but will be shortly – so click& check.

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