Will Thunderbolt Replace USB? Short Answer: Yes

Thunderbold, LightPeak and their magical 10Gpbs transfer rate have been the talk for some time.  Well, at least the LightPeak version.  Thunderbolt is just Apple’s spin on the technology.  So will these new fangled technologies replace USB one day?  Yes, I think so.  Anytime soon?  No way. LightPeak and Thunderbolt are currently designed off copper wire and provide an estimated 10Gbps transfer rate in both directions.  Of course that is spec, and we have yet to see a working product.  But never-the-less, the LighPeak technology has the ability to cap at 100Gpbs if they ever switch to Fiber Optics as the transfer hardware. But lets be clear, a lot must happen before the momentum of a market switches from one technology to another.  Heck, just for Dell to make a change from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 took them nearly 9 months…and that was just an upgrade. Are we scared over here at – no.  I could see DisplayPort USB drives in the future, after all, it’s just another means of connection…and if it gets me more speed and more done in less time.  I welcome it with open arms.

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