USB with Ten Pin Padlock

It’s no secret Corsair has a ten number push button padlock for their USB flash drive, the Corsair Flash Padlock. It’s also no secret our good friends over at Gizmos for Geeks are security fanatics – Doug prides himself on having the lowdown on the lockdown.
corsair flash padlock
Looking at the picture it’s very obvious what this drive is all about. In addition to any software security loaded on the drive the Flash Padlock includes a physical pin number to be associated with the drive. What I like about this drive is without the correct pin entered, Windows doesn’t even see the drive upon USB connection. The idea behind this drive is dual authentication. 1) Something you know (PIN) and 2) Something you have (the USB drive). (The ID Vault is another product which works much the same way) Tip: Might not want to use the same PIN number as your ATM card/machine. Source: Gizmos for Geeks

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