USB Webmail Notifier Lets The World Know You Have Mail

If you have the personality which requires attention from your co-workers, family and friends, then the Brando USB Webmail notifier is definitely for you.  The USB webmail notifier uses a large envelope box which illuminates each time you receive an email.  As you can tell from the picture, it’s quite a ghastly looking thing.

usb webmail notifier

The lighted envelope box connects via USB and comes with it’s own USB client software.  The webmail software runs from the box so even if you can load your personal email server, the simple USB connection will let you get email notifications from Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Outlook Express and just about any POP3 account. You can set the illumination color to that of red, green or blue.  It also looks like you can set the color to reflect the number of emails you have which are unread.  For example, you can set the envelope box to illuminate red if you have 1000+ emails unread.  Definitely a configuration you don’t want your employer to see.

usb webmail alert

I think this is a clever little twist on email notifications and I like the fact of a mail server running on something other than your laptop or work computer. The USB webmail notifier is $17 USD plus a couple bucks for shipping.


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