USB Tengu Is Your Front Man

Update: The Tengu is now available from ThinkGeek for only $45ish. SolidAlliance might be on to something with their USB Tengu, self talking USB gadget. At the size of a cigarette box this guy comes to life upon USB connection. The LEDs turn bright red into a friendly face, then reacts to music and sound – ideal for those looking for anonymity and in need of a front man (Jeffrey Skilling could have used this a couple years ago).

usb tengu

Not on sale yet – but will be in Japan mid August. Price tag – about $40USD. Now Available! YouTube video below will make you laugh, worth the look – if you have IE6 click here.
The Tengu is now available from ThinkGeek for only $45ish so shut down that YouTube video and click over to grab your Tengu today. After all, everyone needs a front man.
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