USB Powered Mini LCD Screen For Your Laptop

Century is coming out with a mini LCD screen for your laptop which is powered via USB.  The hand-held size screen is ideal for users with a laptop and don’t have the horse power to run a second screen or don’t have the space.

mini lcd display usb

The LCD-4300U seems to be the perfect companion for running Instant Message or maybe Toolboxes for your Photoshop program.  Resolution is up to 800×480 with a total width of 4.3″ And if for some odd reason you fall in love with these little monitors you can daisy-chain up to 7 of them from your PC. The concept is great, but the problem I have with this is the cost.  Starting street price this November will be around 195USD.  I can get a 19″ flat screen for less then that…but sometimes you have to pay the price for the small size. Source:  CyberEddie.

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