USB Microscope – View Everything but DNA

Microscopes have long been a favorite for kids looking to see the details. With the ProScope HR USB Microscope the convenience of getting close is infinitely easier. Designed like a toy gun, the USB microscope is like a point-and-shoot device with the ability to capture what ever is being viewed.
usb microscope
There are three methods on how to use the microscope.
  1. Touch View – hold the microscope to item being viewed
  2. Distant View – Using one of the lens kits view an item from a table top.
  3. Analog Microscope – Connect the ProScope to a traditional analog microscope for viewing and capturing image
The ProScope HR magnification range is from 1x to 200x. Construction of the unit is durable and ideal for classrooms or CSI crime scenes. With the on-board camera, the ability to take snapshots and save images to your PC via USB is what truly makes this a convenient tool. The microscope is designed with backlighting to provide illumination while viewing. Source: Slippery Brick via ProScope HR

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