Brilliant, just brilliant. USB flash drive becomes personal ID Vault

Briliant, just briliant. Think of ID Vault as a personal digital safe to store your most important online information: your usernames and passwords. ONLY YOU have access to your personal information: ONLY YOU physically have your ID Vault safe and ONLY YOU know the PIN to unlock your ID Vault safe.
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To access your online financial accounts, you only need to enter your username and password (in security industry parlance this is known as single-factor authentication; you only need something you know to access to your accounts). A cybercriminal, physically located anywhere in the world, can easily steal your sign-in credentials, gain access to your online accounts, and execute fraudulent financial transactions. Security industry experts have long known that so-called two-factor authentication, which requires both something you know and something you have to access your online accounts, is much more secure. Financial institutions use two-factor authentication with ATMs. To withdraw money from an ATM, you must present both an ATM card (something you have) and a PIN (something you know). Two-factor authentication for online financial accounts requires that you have a “digital safe” (in security industry parlance, a security token) to store your online sign-in information. Cybercriminals can easily steal the usernames and passwords you type into web pages, but they can’t steal information stored in your ID Vault digital safe. ID Vault is a USB security token with an embedded smart card chip. To access your financial accounts with ID Vault you need two-factors; you need your ID Vault PIN (something you know), and you need your ID Vault itself (something you have). If a thief steals your ID Vault , they can’t use it without your PIN. If a thief steals your ID Vault PIN, they can’t use it without having your ID Vault. ID Vault is available for you to use now – don’t wait for your financial institution to give you a security token (you’re not waiting for your bank to give you a shredder!). Furthermore, ID Vault works with virtually all financial institutions – one device gives you secure access to all your accounts (you don’t want a separate security token for each of your online accounts!). With ID Vault , you can take control of your online security. The ID Vault is easy to get in local retailers for about $49USD.

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