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No this isn’t me; and my office doesn’t look like this. Not unless GetUSB came to life and ran me out of house and home. Frank’s Cubicle is not a demo room, but an absolute time killer (in a good way). So if your boss stepped out and you have some time check out Frank’s Cubicle.
On a more serious note, the USB Implementers Forum runs the site and Frank’s Cubicle is a tribute to all the gadgets we’ve come accustomed to love.
The USB Implementers Forum drives certification testing and logo awareness for Hi-Speed USB, Hi-Speed USB On-The-GO and Wireless USB technologies. We developed Frank’s Cubicle to show the ubiquity and proliferation of the most successful interconnect technology in the world, with more than 2 billion implementations to date. Today consumers demand interoperability and ease-of-use. I’d like to think the USB technology has those benefits mastered. Now when consumers think USB we’d like them to remember the associated brands. The latest technology we are supporting is Wireless USB, in which the first five certified products were introduced a few weeks ago from Lenovo, Dell, IOGEAR and D-Link. Set to perform like USB 2.0 sans the cables. Consumers can expect to see more products arrive on the retail shelves before the holiday season.
Thanks – Kim!

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