USB Desktop Multi-Tasking Organizational Gadget

Here is an eclectic set of USB gadgets which I think would be ideal for Frank’s Cubicle. I found the USB desktop multi-tasking organizational gadget over at ThinkGeek [via OhGizmo] and what kind of organization are we talking about? Based off the lightening fast USB speed of 1.1 you get:

usb desk organization gadget

1 – USB cup warmer 1 – USB mini desk lamp 1 – USB mini vacuum 1 – Open USB port (still 1.1) 1 – Pen cup holder as center base with no USB connectivity. The USB multi-tasking device does make a good gadget gift and with the recent price drop from $30 to $15 now might be a good time to strike-while-the-iron’s-hot. However, OhGimzo does bring up a good point – you get all this gadgetry through the 500ma of power via USB? I would think to get full effect of the vacuum, you’d need to shut down the lamp and USB cup warmer. Here’s a picture of tentacled USB thang in action.

usb organization gadget

I doubt your are interested enough for a look at the product page, but if you are, here’s the link: USB Desktop Multi-tasking Organizational Gadget.

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