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Nexcopy has released a USB Copy Protection solution for those who need to share files, but without giving the “receiver” full ability to copy and re-distribute. The great thing about a USB flash drive is file sharing.  They are great for copy and saving and taking files on the road.  This same convenience factor also makes it very difficult to have Digital Rights Management as well.  With Nexcopy’s USB Copy Protection, it’s not difficult any longer! First, lets explain the difference between write protection and USB copy protection.  Some thing it’s the same, but it’s not. USB write protection [also called data lock] means the files cannot be deleted off the drive…it also means files cannot be added to the drive.  But you can still copy the files off the drive to your desktop or hard drive. USB copy protection provides the same functionality as write protection, but in addition, does not allow the files to be copied off the drive.  This means even the most honest person couldn’t save a file to their desktop or hard drive. So what type of customer would be looking for USB copy protection?  Think of a college lesson plan and the administration doesn’t want the lesson going out for free.  Or how about artists with very large, high resolution photos they don’t want a customer to print unlimited numbers, or how about an oil company with confidential information which should not be uploaded to the internet or off to competitors…these are some examples of companies who could use USB copy protection. The Nexcopy solution restricts the ability to print a file.  You cannot share, copy and paste the files from the USB stick to the desktop or hard drive, you can set passwords to further control the content and of course none of these files can be deleted off the drive.  *We’ve seen some solutions where they claim copy protection, but they are just encrypted files…format the drive and everything is gone.  Well that’s not good…if it’s important enough to copy protect…then it shouldn’t be deletable either. Several other key factors about the Nexcopy USB Copy Protection is that it’s both PC and Mac compatible [XP+ and Mac 10.6+] The user of the USB drive doesn’t need Admin rights, there is nothing loaded to the host computer, no internet connection required, it’s a standalone solution. Reading the Nexcopy site, we also learn the solution is both hardware and software which makes it for a more robuse solution then just software along. Nexcopy doesn’t support every file known to man, but they do cover the big ones, like PDF, TXT, HTML and CSS for documents; JPEG, GIF and PNG for pictures; MP3 and WAV for audio; and lastly, WMV and MOV for video. Visit Nexcopy site for pricing. Source:  EverythingUSB.

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