Ultimate Boot CD from a USB Pen Drive

bootable USB driveThe Ultimate Boot CD is an awesome little diagnostics utility which is available to the public for free. It is often referred to as UBCD and enables a Microsoft windows users to diagnose, repair and manipulate their operating environment via a Live CD. However, some people might wish to install and run the Ultimate Boot CD from a USB Flash memory stick. For those people we have created this tutorial. This short and sweet walkthrough is an example of How To make Ultimate Boot CD boot (UBCD) “Knoppix” INSERT from a USB Flash Pen Drive. Here is the Simple How-To:
  • Format the USB Flash memory stick as Fat16 using the HP USB tool
  • Download “full version with INSERT of UBCD” open and extract the ISO to a directory named UBCD.
  • Copy the contents of the UBCD directory to the USB memory stick.
  • Download and extract Syslinux 2.11 to a directory on the pc and run the command console (start, run, cmd)
  • CD to the syslinux directory and type syslinux.exe F: (F: my example USB stick)
  • Copy the contents of the isolinux directory to the root of the stick and rename the isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg
  • Reboot the pc and go into bios setting the first boot device to USB
  • Reboot and it should launch “knoppix” insert modified for UBCD
Take Note: If you have troubles booting you can use the boot command Insert scanall | scanusb at the boot prompt and it may help detect your stick. Thank you Tuxifer from for this nugget of information.

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