Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC – Easy

Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC – Easy and Automated

iCloud is the default way to store your photos from your Apple device to another location. Once the files are in your iCloud, you can log into the iCloud account and save those images to your computer.

However, many users don’t use the iCloud service and looking for an alternative. Here is an alternative that is easy, automatic and far less expensive than an iCloud account.

The Qubii Pro is a backup device that takes place while you are charging your phone. There is nothing to do and there are no settings to set. The Qubii Pro is a small device that holds a microSD card for data storage and connects directly to your iPhone cable and of course your charging block.

Transfer photos from your iPhone to storage is automatic. Qubii will scan your video and photo library and backup any file it doesn’t detect on the microSD card. The first time used, the backup process could take a long time because the Qubii hasn’t seen your digital library and so will back everything up. The time to do this will depend on the number of video and photo files you have. However, on subsequent connections Qubii will only backup new photos or video.

Since everyone is good about charging their phones at night, the backup process will take place without disrupting usage. The backup will take place while you sleep.

Yes, Apple gives each user 5GB of free space, but do you realize that space goes very quickly? The high resolution photos and video will chew threw your 5GBs of storage fairly quickly. As you can see from the price matrix below, the cost for using the iCloud isn’t all that expensive, at first, but gets up there for sure!

  • Free: 5GB of storage per iCloud account (not per device)
  • $0.99/month: 50GB of storage (single user)
  • $2.99/month: 200GB of storage (family use)
  • $9.99/month: 2TB of storage (family use)
  • If you purchase the $22.95/month Apple One Family plan, you receive 200GB of iCloud storage as part of your membership. The $32.95/month Apple One Premier plan comes with 2TB of iCloud storage.

Apple does a very good job of pestering you to signup for the Family Plan so there is a high probability your monthly cost will be north of $20 USD (at the time of this writing in 2023)

With the Qubii, there are some items to be aware of:

  • The solution does not allow you to select which video and photo to back up, it just does it all
  • If a file is deleted off the microSD card, the solution will backup the photo again if found on your phone
  • The solution backs up only photo images and video files, doesn’t backup contacts or documents
  • If you swap out the microSD card, the entire backup will start over again

The last point mentioned above is key. Be sure to buy a microSD memory card that is large enough in capacity to accomidate a couple years worth of photos. We recommend a 1TB card. Buy it once, and forget about it. From the chart below you can see a 256GB card will store about 136,000 photos… so a 1TB (terabyte) card would store over half-a-million photos. One word of caution about buying microSD cards, be sure to get a name brand card (ie SanDisk) because the NAND memory chip is so small, it is important to get a card that is properly made and reliable for storing your beloved video and phot images.

Here are some comments about the product:

Comment One

…I have been trying and trying to find something to use as an external backup for all of my photos and videos on my phone. I’m sick of paying the monthly for the iCloud upgrade and knew there had to be something out there that could eliminate that cost for me. I am so pleased with this little thing. It is so easy to use, and my goodness it’s fast. I put my micro SD card in it, plugged it in with an Apple lightning cord like the instructions say to do, and within 45 min it had gone through and uploaded over 5000 photos and videos…

Comment Two

…For some reason I don’t like iCloud. I wanted to backup my photos on computer, it was a terrible process ! Using this little magic product I did this from the first time, then gave it to me wife and my sone to backup their photos . Thank you for such a good product…

Warranty information: Qubii requires iOS 14 or later. Qubii is MFi-certified by Apple Inc. This product offers a one year warranty (12 months).

This product mention and review was not paid for. There is an affiliate like in this post.

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