TiSTICK – The Over Kill USB Flash Drive

The TiSTICK is currently available on Kickstarter. Here is your summary update if interested:

The flash drive has a titanium case, made of very durable material, has 256AES hardware encryption, available in several large GB capacities and is getting near full funding on Kickstarter.

We like the shape, we like the magnet on the tail of the drive, and we like the look. Great marketing and certainly sets itself apart from the rest of the “durable” flash drives. So well done Jörg Lingg.

In our humble opinion a bit over kill, but that is only our opinion. The following drive is made of aluminum, has been ran over multiple times with a car, and still works fine with it’s Alcor controller with encryption functionality.

The TiSTICK was designed in South Tyrol Italy. What a beautiful place, just miles away from the Austrian and Switzerland boarders. We doubt the USB itself, came from South Tyrol, as even the big boys like Kingston, San Disk and the like are all made in China. I think what Mr Lingg did was make the USB to his exact specification from his suppliers overseas. Could be wrong, but we understand how the market works for this type of device.

I must also say the Premium Package from Kickstarter is very cool and worht the extra cash. The kit includes a carabiner, money clip, knife and metal tin case. Check out the Kickstarter page for more details.

The entire campaign ends fairly soon and the product delivery is scheduled sometime in May. So get in on the ground floor if interested ( link ).


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