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Attention control freaks and highly paranoid there is a product for you and your loved ones. The KeyGhost is a USB keylogger device to record every keystroke. Thus giving you complete access to what people are doing on their PC. OK so maybe it’s geared more towards security, government and agency protocols but none-the-less it’s got some handy features. Easy to use, just plug KeyGhost to your keyboard and record all USB keystrokes typed on that keyboard. All keystrokes typed will be quietly recorded to KeyGhost’s internal flash memory chip (up to 2,000,000 keystrokes with 128-bit encryption)! KeyGhost USB Keyloggers are compatible with all PC and Mac operating systems that run on a PC or Mac. I.E. They are compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, NT, XP, 2000, Vista, Linux, DOS, OS/2, Mac OS X Tiger, etc.The KeyGhost USB Keylogger uses the generic HID keyboard device drivers and USB composite device drivers built into all operating systems that support USB keyboards. There is no USB ‘enumeration’ alert when you log into your KeyGhost device,… the ‘Ghost’ menu appears instantly and silently! KeyGhost USB Keylogger will also work with Wireless keyboards when attached between the receiver and the PC or HUB. The KeyGhost USB Keylogger will not show up as an additional USB hub in your system device manager. All KeyGhost devices are firmware upgradeable and run about $99USD.
Amazon has several USB keylogger solutions.  This one is expensive (about $300) but doing a quick search for “USB keylogger” will yield results for items under $50.

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