The Octopus USB ChargePod

There are times when digging around for a charge cable becomes extremely frustrating. The tangled mess of cables, the inconvenient location of the power strip on the floor – what a pain in the a$$.
chargepod callpod
The Chargepod from Callpod is a welcomed charger which solves all this. The Chargepod is a slick design for charging 6 devices at once. The Chargepod comes with extra short cables to decrease the clutter of wired cables. There is some engineering that went into this as well. Callpod made sure to put in Current Control (IC) logic so each devices gets the exact amount of energy needed for a charge. This is smart because it wont fry your USB gadgets and it reduces heat of the Chargepod itself. So – an ideal product for the messy office or traveling professional the Chargepod is well worth the extra few bucks from your typical charger. $49 for the unit and accessory cables for just a little more.
usb chargepod
Source: Coolest-Gadgets

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