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52 card readerIf you can imagine my office has two drawers full of USB powered gadgets we’ve seen or reviewed from the past year. Along with those gadgets is an army of USB cables or card readers. Well, I’m throwing them all away in exchange for the Brando USB Bluetooth Card Reader. With support for 52 formats I don’t think I’ll need another card reader and this guy doubles as a Bluetooth hub for easy transfer between PDAs, mobile phones, printers, headphones, etc. The USB connection supports all formats of 1.1, 2.0 full and 2.0 High Speed. Brando claims the range of this bad boy is 60 feet, but most Bluetooth – real world performances – is closer to 40 feet. For fun, the USB Bluetooth Card Reader also has a disco display which eluminates different colors while powered on (blue, pink, green, orange) For the detail oriented the supported memory cards are: Check it out at Brando ($25USD).52 port card reader
  • CF I
  • CF II
  • Extreme CF
  • Extreme III CF
  • Ultra II CF
  • HS CF
  • XS-XS CF
  • CF Elite PRO
  • CF PRO
  • IMB MD
  • Hitachi MD
  • MagicStor
  • MS
  • MS PRO
  • MS Duo
  • MS PRO Duo
  • MS MG
  • MS MG Duo
  • MS MG PRO Duo
  • Extreme MS PRO
  • Extreme III MS PRO
  • Ultra II MS PRO
  • HS MS MG PRO Duo
  • HS MS PRO Duo
  • MS ROM
  • MS Select
  • SD
  • *MiniSD
  • HS Mini SD
  • Extreme SD
  • Extreme III SD
  • Ultra II SD
  • SD-Ultra-X
  • Ultra speed SD
  • SD PRO
  • SD Elite PRO
  • HS SD
  • MMC
  • MMC 4.0
  • HS MMC
  • RS MMC
  • RS MMC 4.0
  • SM
  • SM ROM
  • XD
  • *T-Flash
  • * means CARD ADAPTER is needed

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