The $6,000 USB Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army has an complete army of high-end USB flash drives. The Swiss Army Bonfort line has three designs of their 1GB “Prestige SwissMemory” product. Here is the top-shelf model, the Yellow Gold & Diamond Line. Priced at just $6,000 . The 18 ct. shell is lined with hand placed diamonds by the world’s best craftsmen. No word on diamond size and quality – I for one, would need to know that info before dropping Six Gs.
victorinox usb swiss army
The other two designs are “Cross” and “Croco” which you can see below. The Swiss Cross design is available in yellow gold or white gold at $3,200 for either model, while the Croco is available for $800 (sl) or $3,200 (gold).
expensive swiss army knife
All versions of the USB Swiss knife include 1GB of memory, blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors and key ring. But, no on-line ordering which is unfortunate as I had my wallet out and everything.

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