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Press Release Summary: mSystems introduces enterpriese software to manage all your company’s flash drives. Through an mTrust server the IT department can enforce and control the devices on a global scale. The flash drive must have mTrust Manager software on the flash drive which empowers management to control the flash drive both inside the network and outside the network. Launching mTrust Manager, msystemsâ„¢ Introduces the First Complete Central Management System for USB Flash Drives. Organizations can now smartly deploy, provision, track and audit company-issued USB flash drives both inside and outside the organization msystems (Nasdaq: FLSH), a leader in smart personal storage, today introduced mTrust Manager, the first complete enterprise management system for USB flash drives. mTrust Manager allows corporate IT departments to smartly deploy, provision, track and audit company-issued USB drives. By adding a tamper-proof software agent to “mTrust Ready” USB drives, mTrust Manager transforms USB flash drives from stand-alone devices into secure, company-controlled devices. Managed mTrust drives communicate with a central mTrust server that empowers IT with tools to enforce corporate policies both inside and outside of the organization. By doing this, mTrust Manager extends visibility and control over information in motion beyond the corporate network. “In today’s regulatory environment, companies have a clear need for managing and securing data on USB flash drives, treating them as properly-issued corporate devices. In order to do this, companies need more than just being able to store information on secure USB flash drives, they must also ensure they can prevent the usage of unauthorized devices, as well as manage and monitor the usage of authorized devices and their data as they are deployed company-wide,” said Nimrod Reichenberg, msystems’ director of marketing for enterprise solutions. “mTrust is the first complete solution that turns personal USB flash drives into corporate assets, enhancing employee productivity under IT control. mTrust lets employees store and use confidential data securely, while helping the IT department take control of removable devices and manage their use. mTrust is enterprise security, made smarter.” mTrust Manager empowers corporate IT departments with a wide range of unique capabilities to ensure the security and integrity of stored information. The features of mTrust Manager include: • Synchronization with corporate Directory Services • Automated device provisioning • Centralized policy configuration and software updates • Remote password administration • Remote termination of lost drives • Complete audit trail – both on and off the network • Device data backup and restore. mTrust Manager is already compatible with “mTrust Ready” USB Drives from leading vendors, including Kingston’s DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition and Verbatim’s Store ‘n’ Goâ„¢ Corporate Secure USB Drive, and is expected to be compatible with products from other vendors planned to appear in the market in the near future. “Kingston’s DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition, the USB Flash drive that secures 100% of data on-the-fly via 128-bit hardware-based AES encryption drives, continues to gain popularity as the drive of choice to ensure fail-safe enterprise security,” said Mark Leathem, director, Flash business development, Kingston. “mTrust Manager is a perfect complement, which provides our customers with a centralized and effective way to deploy, administer, track and audit our DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition USB flash drive throughout their organizations.” “Verbatim’s Store ‘n’ Go Corporate Secure line of USB drives contains active security features to protect all data from unauthorized access, providing an immediate and effective primary measure in limiting corporate security risk,” said Mark Rogers, business development manager, Verbatim Corporation. “mTrust Manager allows our corporate users to centrally manage security features such as device password policy, as well as optionally restrict the use of company-issued drives to approved PCs.” msystems’ mTrust Manager is available now. Please contact msystems at for ordering information. About mTrust mTrust is an enterprise solution for securing, controlling and monitoring data carried by mobile employees. mTrust ensures employees store information on secure USB Drives, and allows organizations to control the usage of all removable devices and media as well as centrally deploy and manage company-issued drives. The mTrust solution delivers 3 distinct, yet tightly integrated components: • mTrust Drive – a secure, USB Flash drive designed for corporate use. • mTrust Shield – centrally managed software that allows organizations to define and enforce policies on the usage of all removable device and media. • mTrust Manager – enterprise management system that allow organizations to easily deploy, provision, track and audit mTrust drives both inside and outside the organization. More information about mTrust is available online at About msystems msystems has been transforming raw flash material into smarter storage solutions since 1989. From embedded flash drives deployed in millions of mobile handsets to U3 USB smart drives designed for leading global brands, msystems creates, develops, manufactures and markets smart personal storage solutions for a myriad of applications targeting high growth markets. msystems’ product lines include:
  • mDrive (formerly DiskOnKey®) U3 USB smart drives for personal, portable computing
  • mDOC embedded flash drives for mobile handsets and consumer electronics devices
  • mSIM MegaSIM® series high-density SIM cards and mSIM M.MAR® series SIM cards and highly secure cards (available both from msystems and its subsidiary Microelectronica)
  • mCard, high-quality memory cards for mobile handsets and digital cameras
  • mTrust (formerly Xkey®) end-to-end enterprise access, control and management solution for USB flash drives and other removable media
  • mSSD (formerly FFDâ„¢) rugged solid state disks for mission-critical applications
  • mModule (formerly DiskOnChip® modular family) modular flash storage for embedded systems
  • mSafe (formerly SuperMAP® family) secure hardware and software crypto cores
More information is available online at m-systems. made smarter.

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