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Cisco Simplifies Home Wireless Setup With USB Stick

Cisco is basing their new Wireless Valet product off a study that finds only about one third of US households are set up for wireless Internet—and that low rate of adoption is due in part to the complexities of setting up wireless networks. Cicsco is the leader in backbone routers, switches and networking gear, but have always been business enterprise focused.  Today that all changes with the Valet.

Cisco Valet Wireless Router

The Valet is Cisco’s answer to getting a simple wireless network connected for the non-tech people…and honestly, I think they are on to something.  Here is how it works. Simply power up the Valet and connect it to your cable connection in your house.  Then take the Cisco Valet USB key and plug that into each computer you want on the network.  Answer three simple questions, Cisco does the rest.

Cisco Valet USB dongle

That’s it.
Cisco says the Valets are so easy to set up that all users have to do is pop the included USB Setup Key in their PC or Mac, and the Valet software does the rest. Cisco says its Valet system takes the 20 or 30 steps normally involved in setting up a wireless network down to just three steps, and users can then move the USB Setup Key to additional home computers to painlessly get them up and running on wireless. Included Cisco Connect software then makes it straightforward to add more devices to the network (think iPhones, game consoles, etc.), set up a separate network for guests, establish parental controls, and customize security settings.
Cisco is offering two models of Valet routers. The Valet and Valet Plus. The Valet offers 802.11n Wi-Fi networking and four 100 Mbps Ethernet ports for connecting to a wired network.  The Valet Plus steps up to four gigabit Ethernet ports. The Valet is priced at Continue Reading

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