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Best USB Joke – USB Keystroker Will Drive Anyone Crazy

Who’s up for a little bit of fun.  Who’s up for driving your co-worker totally crazy.  We are.  Here is a great USB joke device that when connected to your PC will randomly lock your CAPS button, make keystrokes or jiggle your mouse around on the screen.

usb keystrocker

What is particularly nice about this useless USB gadget is the ability to select one, two or all three options and control the speed in which the phantom activities take place.  It’s also a complete and finished product…much better then our USB hack we mentioned for creating a Continue Reading

USB Heat Me Is a Germ Fest

What does a petri dish need to grow bacteria?  In general terms; heat, moisture and light.  So this USB heating device seems like a good idea, but after a few minutes of contemplation – the Heat Me is nothing more than a germ fest.

heat me usb

If one doesn’t clean this off and unplug it after heating their liquid it could get very nasty – makes you wonder why you’d pick this over something more simple [and probably just as effective] as a USB mug warmer. Source:  UberGizmo. Continue Reading

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