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USB Ghost Radar

If you believe in ghosts you believe in Santa. That’s my one line take on the USB ghost radar. However, I can understand my opinion would differ from another’s. For that reason the details of the USB ghost radar is as follows:
usb ghost radar…with an array of sensors, alert lights and complex algorithm the USB radar detects the paranormal by analyzing the sensor data factors and biometric feedback from your skin and lunar-cycle adjustments. For the most part the sensors take in information dealing with unusual magnetic waves in the room.
Now the USB gadget beeps to alert you of change in magnetic waves (possible ghosts) and uses activated LED lights to visually show you intensity of the present paranormal “being.” The LED lights on the USB ghost radar also indicate position of the Scooby Doo target along with possible “risk” factors. It seems this product would have a very niche market. Continue Reading

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